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Important SOTW | KitMap
about 1 month ago

Hey guys! Since we will not be releasing Practice for around 1 more week, we as a team have decided to re-release our KitMap server.

KitMap Release
15th August 2021, 12pm EST

Quick info

10 man, 0 ally
Protection 2, Sharpness 2 Map Kit
1 Hour 30 Minutes SOTW Timer
SOTW SALE (50% off storewide)

This maps...

Important 📣 SOTW | HCF 2.0 | Release
3 months ago

I hope you are all doing okay! Today I am very proud to announce Map 2 of HCF 2.0!
The following message should give you most If not all of the information needed.

Important HCF 2.0 | Map #1
5 months ago

April 17th @ 3:00 pm EST

Quick info
4 man, 1 allies
Protection 1, Sharpness 1 Map Kit
1 Hour 30 Minutes SOTW Timer
SOTW SALE (75% off store wide)

Important times
SOTW: 3:00 pm EST
3x Spring Key All: 3:30 pm EST
3x AirDrop All: 4:00 pm EST
Chat unmute: 4:30 pm EST

F-TOP | $50 Store Giftcard
F-TOP | $30 Store Giftcard
F-TOP | $20 Store Giftcard

Website: https://www.skyhcf.net/

Minecraft: skyhcf.net

Store: https://store.skyhcf.net/

Important Practice Release | Today @ 3pm EST
5 months ago

Today we are going to be doing a beta release for our Practice! This will start at 3pm EST TODAY!

Important Release...
6 months ago

I hope you are all doing okay on this fine morning! I would like to announce our release of SkyHCF! Our first release will be a release of HCF. The following text should tell you every bit of info you need.

🏹 HCF Release | Map 1
Saturday, March 27th, 1 pm EST

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